Connecting People … Nurturing Families … Experiencing God … Making Disciples

Sunday Services

As the Holy Spirit leads, Sunday services are filled with worship, teaching, prophecy, personal ministry, fellowship, and so much more. Our hope is that in each of these times, you will encounter the LORD in one or more ways.

About Us

We believe that the Lord is making us fruitful. That roots are going down deep, even in the dry places, even in the wilderness, our roots are going down deep to tap into a deeper well. We believe that the Lord is giving us deeper roots to touch a deeper well. Our roots are going downward, but the fruit is going to break ground and break the surface.

We believe that this church is destined to do great things. That people will be sent out because this place is a launching pad for people to be launched out into the nations to serve the Kingdom of God. We believe that we have a ministry that scatters and yet increases because the Eagle has landed, and He’s stirring the nest. He’s shaking the nest to send His people out for His Kingdom sake. 

Service Times

Sunday Morning Service:




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History Makers
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Get Connected & Involved

Fire Meetings
David’s Mighty Men
Friendship Garden
Friendship Meals
Street Light Ministries
Outreach & Missions



What to Expect

Experiencing God
Being Loved
Feeling Like Family
Lots of Joy




Partnering Ministries

A few years ago, the LORD gave us a vision of clusters of grapes and how He would be connecting us with other churches and ministries. This vision showed us that, though we are many clusters, we are one because we are connected together through the One True Vine. We value our partners and believe that they are gifts from God. It is a joy to both give and receive in our relationships.



School of Passion

Fire For the Nations




One Whole Heart Ministry




FirstLight International




Street Light Ministries




Peniel Ministries Ministries




Our Mission & Vision

At Abundant Joy Fellowship

our Vision and Mission is to connect people, nurture families, experience God, and make disciples!



We’re going to make it hard for people to go to hell.

Pastor Greg Blythe

In Special Memory of Pastor Greg

Sunday, 5/28/2023